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GBE Toy Soldiers provide the serious collector of Traditional Toy Soldiers with a vast range of over 800 different figures covering the British army at home and of the empire during the period of the 1890's to 1914. This internationally acclaimed range of figures has had its hallmark from the beginning, the classic Red boxes and Yellow labels. Click here to see labels.


The business was founded in 1982, after thirty years of collecting toy soldiers. Figures were inherited and visits to Hamleys of Regent Street made the collection increase. Like many figures from childhood breakages occurred and injuries suffered so I began to repair figures. Over the years, many thousands have been restored and conserved for customers on a world wide basis. from this background sprang a desire to make my own toy soldiers and in 1982 Great Britain and the Empire Toy Soldiers (as the collectors call them) was born. figures are still restored and repaired and we carry a vast range of spares for broken soldiers - for further details please click here.


The comprehensive range is second to none and coupled with this, the quality that has been recognized from the begining with outlets, which have included a very wide basis of Traditional Toy Soldiers collectors. On a commercial basis, Hamleys of Regent Street, Under Two Flags (the jolly boat was crewed by GBE figures). The Royal Hospital shop at Chelsea, The Tower of London shops, the Royal Collection shops at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Holyrood House in Edinburgh, the ABF shop at Edinburgh Castle, Hummels of Burlington Arcade and many more.

All figures are manufactured on site, which takes on the transformation process from the design, creating the master figure, the making of the mould, the casting assembly, the painting process, along with the packaging and despatch. This in-house production gives control and continuity of the product.

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