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H1 Aide de camp – Cocked hat with plume
H2 Australian – slouch hat with plume
H3 Austro – Hungarian and Italian Kepi
H4 Ball Top Helmet Art/Asc/RAMC 1st Version
H5 Ball Top Helmet Art/Asc/RAMC 2nd Version
H6 Belgian Cavalry Kepi
H7 Beret Royal Tank Corps
H8 Boer Cavalry-slouch hat
H9 Boer Infantry-flat brim
H10 C.I.V.Imperial Yeomanry-slouch hat
H11 Cossack
H12 Ethiopian Bodyguard-soft top hat
H13 Fez.Egyptian.Turks/SudaneseInftry/Camel Corps
H14 Fez Kings African Rifles
H15 Flat cap,small head first versionTerr:Cav Yeo
H16 Flat cap 2nd version Terr:Cav Yeo
H17 Flat cap marching & band figures
H18 Flat cap MG Corps & Dispatch riders.
H19 Flat cap Terr Off,kneeling artillery
H20 Flat cap Officer staff car
H21 Foreign Service Helmet cav/infantry
H22 Fort Henry Guard shako
H23 French Officer
H24 French shako with plume Chasseur a Cheval
H25 French helmet with long plume Dragoon trooper
H26 French Kepi first version
H27 French Matelot
H28 French Zouave/Turco turban
H29 French/Belgian steel helmet fring figures
H30 French/Belgian steel helmets
H31 Fusilier 2nd version 1905 version
H32 General Officer cocked hat Mtd dismtd RAMC
H33 General Officer cocked hat plumed with binos
H34 German steel helmet
H35 Guards bearskin 1st version
H36 Guards bearskin 2nd version no plume
H37 Guards bearskin later version firing figure
H38 Guards bearskin plume on right
H39 Gurkha pill box hat
H40 Highlander bonnet 1st version
H41 Household Cav/Dragoon 3rd version flying plume
H42 Hshld.Cav/Dragoon.4th version flying plume
H43 Hshld Cav/Dragoon 3rd vers. Hanging plume
H44 Hshld.Cav/Dragoon 4th vers hanging plume
H45 Hshld Cav/Dragoon  band second version
H46 Hshld Cav dismounted figures
H47 Hussar large head,second vers moveable arm
H48 Hussar & RHA Officer 2nd version
H49 Hussar & RHA Trooper 3rd version
H50 Hussar dismounted Officer & Trooper
H51 Indian Army 1st version.cav/inf/camel corps
H52 Indian Army 2nd version cavalry
H53 Indian Army 2nd version infantry
H54 Irish Guards Piper Caubeen
H55 Italian Carabinieri cocked hat with plume.


H56 Italian Cavalry Kepi
H57 Italian/Polish steel helmet
H58 Japanese Infantry second version
H59 Lancers Officer turned in saddle
H60 Lancers 2nd version at halt 1903 onwards
H61 Lancers flying plume-1903 onwards
H62 Line inf spike helmet 1st vers fixed arm buglers
H63 Line inf spike helmet fixed arm marching
H64 Line inf spike helmet 2ndvers moveable arm.
H65 Line inf spike helmet 3rd vers moveable arm
H66 Line inf spike helmet 2nd vers running
H67 Line inf spike helmet 3rd vers running
H68 Line inf spike helmet 2nd vers kneeling at ready
H69 Line inf spike helmet 1st vers standing at ready
H70 Line inf spike helmet 2nd vers standing at ready
H71 Mexican trooper sombrero
H72 N.Z.Infantry second version
H73 Papal Guard plume helmet
H74 Princess Pat/Italian/Capetown Highlanders
H75 Prussian Spike helmet Picklehaube
H76 Rifle Brigade Officer 2nd version
H77 Rifle Brigade Rifleman  2nd version
H78 Royal Navy Sailors Cap 1st version
H79 Royal Navy Sailors cap late marching figs
H80 Royal Marine tropical helmet/inc band
H81 Royal Marine tropical helmet side drummer
H82 Royal Scots KOSB Bonnet
H83 Russian Imperial Infantry
H84 Russian Steel helmet
H85 Royal Scots Greys Mtd band 1st version
H86 Royal Scots Greys Mtd band 2nd version
H87 Serbian & Montenegrin cap
H88 Side cap militia LDV Home Guard
H89 Side cap RAF
H90 Steel helmet WW1 Inf Cav
H91 Steel helmet WW11 Inf marching figs
H92 Steel helmet RHA
H93 Svea Lifeguard/Argentine Mil Cadets plumed  
H94 United States kepi cav/inf Civil War


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