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A11 3rd version  no sling 1913-1937 (2)
A12 4th version no sling 1937-1940  (2)
A13 Guards in greatcoats (2)
A14 Kings African Rifles (2)
A15 Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Winter Dress (2)
A17 French/Belgian Infantry 1st version (2)
A18 French/Belgian Infantry 2nd version (2)
A19 Black Watch Colour Party with tartan (3)
RIFLES etc in various positions.
A20 Present arms rifle(left arm)1st version (2)
A21 Present arms rifle (left arm) 2nd version (2)
A22 Complementary plain right arm for present (2)
For 1st & 2nd version
A23 At Attention 2nd version (2)
A24 At Ease 1st version(2)
A25 At Ease with fixed bayonet (2)
A26 Rifle slung from shoulder (2)
A27 Rifle trail 1st version(with magazine
Pre 1913 (2)
A28 Rifle trail 2nd version (2)
A29 Rifle trail plug handed Highlanders (2)
A30 Rifle & Bayonet held in both hands
Russian Infantry (3)
A31 Rifle & Bayonet held in both hands
Folded on chest,Danish Livgarde (3)
A32 Rifle butt on thigh,Camel Corps
Fixed arm (2)
A33 Rifle arm RCMP,US Cavalry (2)
A34 Carbine (pkug in arm)Spahis (2)
A35 Carbine short 1st version pre 1910 (2)
A36 Carbine long 2nd version 1910-1966 (2)
A37 Bren Gun trail (2)
A38 Musket shoulder arms,Fort Henry Guard (2)
A39 Musket slope marching Arabs (2)
A40 Musket trail Arabs (2)
A41 Cowboys rifle carry (2)
A42 Cowboys pistol (2)
A43 Pistol,fixed arm,officer CIV
And US Infantry 1907-1966 (2)
A44 Sword carry great coated Officer
Cuffed sleeve (2)
A45 Sword carry Cavalry plain sleeve (2)
A46 Sword carry Cavalry cuffed sleeve (2)
A47 Sword blade near shoulder,Cavalry (2)
A48 Sword Blade near shoulder
Epaulette continental Officer
A49 Sword \blade near shoulder,Gauntlet
Life Guards,Dragoons 1950-1966 (2)
A50 Sword Balde extended Cavalry Officer (2)
A51 Sword Blade extended plain sleeve
1st version left arm Infantry Officers (2)
A52 Sword Blade extended cuffed sleeve
1st version right arm Infantry  Officers (2)
A53 Sword Blade extended plain sleeve
2nd version right arm Infantry Officers (2)
A54 Sword Officer (plug handed)  Highlanders  (2)
A55 Sword in scabbard left arm Svea Lifeguards (2)
A56 Sword in scabbard left arm
State Coach Attendants (2)
A57 Sword scabbard left arm Officers present(2)


A58 Scimitar Arabs (2)
A59 Knobkerrie Zulus (2)
A60 Spear carry Zulus (2)
A61 Spear throwing Zulus (2)
A62 Right arm Ball Top Cane
Infantry,Officer Scoutmaster (2)
A63 Colour Party Standard
Bearere,cuffed sleeve Right arm (2)
A64 Highlander Officer right
Arm empty hand (2)
A65 Mounted figures right
Arm empty hand 1st version (2)
A66 Mounted figures right
Arm empty 2nd version (2)
A67 Foot figures left arm
Empty hand (2)
A68 Foot figures left arm
Empty hand two ring cuff RAF (2)
A69 Waterloo Infantry left
Arm empty hand (2)
A70 Pilot,right arm gloved (2)
A71 Binocular arms (3)
A72 Whip arm,whip down
Artillery RASC drivers (2)
A73 Whip arm whip at carry
Artillery RASC drivers (2)
A74 Pioneer axe ,axe on shoulder(2)
A75 Togoland Warrior right
Arm with bow and arrow (2)
A76 Rifle fixed arm Boer
Cavalry (2)
A77 Pistol fixed arm Boer Cavalry (1)
A78 Farriers right arm with
Axe (2)
A79 Gentleman at arms right
Arm halberd (4)
A80 Right arm,long cane,Royal Company of Archers Gentleman at Arms Officer (4)
Saluting arm(plug in)
A81 H.M.Queen Elizabeth (2)
Spahis standard arm plug in
A82 Standard Bearers arm complete
A83 With standard (5)
Standard Bearers arm
A84 Flag over shoulder (4)
Furled colour arm,late
A85 Marching figures (5)
Flag Colour Party (7)
A86 Cavalry Standard arm
A87 With Gauntlet,Household Cavalry  (6)
Cavalry Trumpet with
A88 Banner arm,late version (3)
Cavalry Trumpet (plug in) arm
A89 Early Lancers (3)
Flag arm and staff complete Salvation Army
A90 French Office (3)



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