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A91 Yeoman halberd over shoulder (3)
A92 Yeoman halberd at ease (3)
A93 Arab spear arm  (4)
A94 Royal Company of Archers
Bowman at trail. (4)
A95 Royal company of Archers
Bowman at ease
A96 Papal Guard  halberd over shoulder (6
A97 Lance arm (plug in arm) Early lancers (6)
A98 Lance arm plain sleeve pre 1903 trotting (2)
A99 Lance  arm cuffed sleeve pre 1903 cantering (2)
A100 Lance arm large gauntlet 1903-1930s
Charging (6)
A101 Lance arm small gauntlet 1930s-1960
Charging (6)
A102 Lance arm halt position
1903-1940s version (6)
A103 Lance arm halt position
1940s-1966 version (6)
A104 Lance arm slung position 1903 onwards (6)
A105 Right arm with ramrod Civil War Waterloo (6)
A106 Right arm plain
A107 Artillery shell held in
Both hands (3)
A108 Left and Right arms with spade (3)
A109 Sword blade extended plain sleeve
1st version Infantry Officers  (2)
A110 Colour Party Standard  Bearer rt arm (2)
A111 Predictor sound locator left arm(2)
A112 Predictor sound locator right arm(2)
A113 RAF Firefighter asbestos suit
Right arm large gauntlet (2)
A114 Right arms empty hand foot figures (2)
A115 N American Indians right arm tomahawk(2)
A116 Sword blade extended Inf Offs present (2)
A117 Papal Guard Officer sword carry (2)
A118 Sword carry cuffed sleeve Cavalry
1st  version (2)
A119 Left arm holding binos spotter (2)
A120 Left arm cowboy dismounted carrying
Rifle (2)
A121 Fort Henry Guard Pioneer (paired arms)
Holding axe (3)
A122 Right arm gas detection stick ARP stick (5)
ES1  Large Wheel RA Gun & Limber 1st version (8)
ES2 Large Wheel RA Gun & Limber 2nd version (8)
ES3 Large rear wheel GS & Pontoon 1st vers (7)
ES4 Small front wheel GS & Pontoon 1st vers (6)
ES5 Wheel Mt Art RN landing pty 1st  vers (6)
ES6 Limber top slotted for seated men 1st vers (10)


ES7 Limber top plain seat
2nd version (10)
ES8 Shaft GS & Pontoon waggons limber
Complete with spigot (8)
ES9 Shaft  GS leading limbered waggon
Complete with wire spigot (8)
ES10 Pontoon (wood) (23)
ES11 Roadway section (wood) hinged
Planks  (18)
ES12 Bucket seat early RA
& RHA Guns (9)
ES13 Machine gun & ammo box
Carden-Lloyd tanks (9)
ES14 Tail Gate GS waggon (6)
ES15 Front legs of tripod
Clip on Hotchkiss MG Belgian &
Foreign Legion kneeling figures (3)
MR1 Rifle & Bayonet at the
Ready pre 1910 (1)
MR2 Rifle & Bayonet at the
Ready CIV (1)
MR3 Rifle & Bayonet  charging
Zouaves,Turcos (1)
MR4 Rifle & Bayonet charging
Highlanders (1)
MR5 Rifle charging Japanese
Serbians (1)
MR6 Rifle (with arms)lying firing
Highlanders 1st version (2)
MR7 Rifle (with arms)standing firing
Highlanders 1st v ersion (2)
MR8 Rifle slope Abyssinian
Tribesman (1)
MR9 Lance Point (on campaign)
No pennant pre 1903 1st version (1)
MR10 Lance Point (on campaign)
No pennant post 1903 2nd version (1)
MR11 Lance Point & pennant
Early Lancers plug in arm (1)
MR12  MR13 Lance Point & pennant pre 1903 Trot/Canter(1)
Lance Point & pennant post 1903 
MR14 Charging horses (1)
Lance Point & pennant
MR15. Figures at halt 1st version 1903-40s (1)
Lance Point & pennant figures at halt
2nd version 1940s-1966 (1)



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