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MR16 Lance Point & pennant,slung position
Post 1903  (1)
MR17 Lance arm plain sleeve pre 1903 (3)
MR18 Lance arm cuffed sleeve pre 1903 (3)
MR19 Lance arm large gauntlet 1903-1930s (3)
MR20 Lance arm small gauntlet 1930-1966 (3)
MR21 Lance arm halt position 1903-1940s (3)
MR22 Lance arm halt position 1940s-1966 (3)
MR23 Lance arm slung position 1903 onwards(3)
MR24 Halberd Blade with swagmYeoman
Halberd over shoulder (3)
MR25 Spears (paired)Zulu (1)
MR26 Spear point Arab(1)
MR27 Spear arm Arab (3)
MR28 Right leg Zulu (2)
MR29 Rifle plug in Ski Trooper (2)
MR30 Left leg Camel Corps Trooper (2)
MR31 Right Leg Camel Corps Trooper (2)
MR32 Pack Fort Henry figurers (1)
MR33 Battle Axe Agincourt figures(1)
MR34 Pack Waterloo figures (2)
MR 35 Rifle & Bayonet at the ready post 1910 (1)
MR36 Zulu left arm complete with shield
And spears (2)
MR37 Plumes Hussars & RHA (Two troopers &One officer)(2)
MR38 Rifle top for mounted Cossak
MR39 Shield for Knights (cast)
CA1 Scout arm with axe (2)
CA2 Scout arm with flag & pole (7)
CA3 Scoutmaster ball top cane(2)
CA4 Right arm pipe in hand Yachtsman(2)
CA5 Man with roller right arm (2)
CA6 Man with roller left arm
CA7 Hunt figures mounted with whip (2)
CA8 Hunt figures dismounted with whip (2)
CA9 Farmers wife with umbrella 1st version (2)
CA10 Farmers wife with umbrella 2nd version (2)
CA11 Farmers wife empty hand (2)
CA12 Ring Master right arm with whip (8)
CA13 Carter with whip (8)
CA14 Shepherd arm with crook(8)
CA 15 Shepherd carrying lamb arm with crook (8)
CA16 Lion Tamer with whip (8)
CA17 Clown with hoop (9)
CA18 Boy with lantern right arm with stick
And bundle (2)
CA19 Carter right arm empty hand (2)
CA20 Clergyman right arm Bible in hand (2)
CA21 Farmer right arm with stick 1st version (2)
CA22 Farmer right arm with stick 2nd version (2)
CA23 Farmhand sowing left arm in basket (3)
CA24 Farmhand right arm driving rake (2)
CA25 Milk Roundsman left arm(2)
CA26 Old Lady seated right arm (2)
CA27 Old Gentleman seated right arm
Pipe in hand (2)
CA28 Policeman right arm traffic duty (2)
CA29 Stable lad right arm rolled sleeve (2)


CA30 Station Master Left arm
Timetable in hand (2)
CA31 Railway Fireman right
Arm (2)
CA32 Railway Guards right
Arm with handbag (2)
CA33 Young lady right arm with
Handbag (2)
CA34 Man with lawn mower left
Arm (2)
CA35 Village boy stick right arm with
Stick (2)
CA36 Man with Lawn mower right arm (2)
CA37 Gentleman Farmer mounted right arm with
CA38 Farmers son seated
Right arm (2)
CA39 Clown boxing left arm
CA40 Clown boxing right arm gloved
CA41 Land girl Right arm
1st version (2)
CA42 Land girl Right arm
Late version (2)
CA43 Salvation Army Woman
Left arm empty hand (2)
CA44 Salvation Army Woman
Right arm empty (2)
CA45 Salvation Army Woman
Left arm with timbrel (2)
CA46 Salvation Army Woman
Left arm with Warcry (2)
CA47 Salvation Army Man
Right arm empty hand (2)
CA48 Zoo Elephant Keeper
Right arm with goad (2)
CA49 Blacksmith right arm
Hammer in hand (2)
CA50 Blacksmith lefty arm
Bar in hand  (2)
CA51 Farmer driving gig
Left arm hooked hand (2)
CA52 Railway  Guard  right
Arm lamp in hand (2)
CA53 Railway Porter right
Arm hooked hand (2)
CA54 Scout right arm with plain pole (2)
CA55 Scout right arm with
Plain pole at shoulder (6)
CA56 Scout right arm shading
Eyes (2)
CA57 Scout right arm hooked
Hands (2)
CA58 Railway ticket collector
Left arm (2)
CA59 Railway Fireman left
Arm (2)



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